Manju Jois interview: Pay more attention to other aspects of yoga

I’ll admit I don’t know anything about Asana Journal and can’t readily tell if this interview is new (or when it is dated), but I haven’t seen it before so… here’s the link and some highlights:

Asana: You stress the importance of Ashtanga (the eight limbs), not just focusing on asana. Could you share with us your near death experience which pranayama saved you? How should anyone practise pranayama for good health?

Manju: In the west, people are generally so much into postures. They just concentrate on asanas only. I think they should pay more attention towards other aspects of yoga. I learnt pranayama which saved my life.

When I was about to have a heart attack at the airport in London, I felt the pain in my chest and my left arm. I did pranayama for five minutes, then saved my own life. I travelled safely back to the US and checked into the hospital. My doctor was surprised that I survived! Had I just practised asanas, I would not have been alive talking to you now. So learn pranayama; and chanting too. These are all part of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga.


Asana: Why did you choose to teach in the West, but not like your family staying in Mysore?

Manju: I think the west needs more yoga than the east. Yoga needs to be shared with the universe. I want to share with everyone and that’s why I move to the west.

There you have it. Judging by some of the questions and comments, the journal is based in Asia somewhere.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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