An intense weekend ahead and cultivating healthy attachments

Bobbie and I finally are getting back down to Tim Miller’s this weekend — fingers crossed — for his Sunday Led class. We figure it will be a good kick-in-the-pants ahead of going back east for Eddie Stern and Robert Moses weekend workshop.

Our timing, though, may be less than ideal, according to Tim himself:

Currently Venus is close to perigee—the part of its orbit that comes closest to the Earth.  As Venus gets closer to the Earth, it exerts a very powerful effect on us and we may find ourselves obsessed with the desire for connection.  With the Sun heating things up even more, it may get a little intense this weekend.  This is an energetic alignment and we will probably want to be around people and receive lots of attention.  We could even be more charming and magnetic than usual and able to attract the attention that we so desperately desire.  The one thing to be on guard against is feeling that you are the most charming and beautiful person in the Universe, and assuming that everyone else feels the same way, when they are just seeing you as a vain, conceited, and pompous fool.

Clearly I will be demanding a lot of adjustments.

You can read on for more about Venus’ influence at the link above.

To counter what sounds like a clear over-attachment to our own worth and wonderfulness, Guy Donahaye is back with a new blog post on healthy attachments:

If the foregoing three aspects of life are in healthy balance, then liberation is also possible. Being healthily established in one’s dharma, one’s means of earning and spending and one’s pleasures, a healthy human being has the capacity for realization.

In fact, the healthy relationship between these three leads directly to the fourth. Being healthily established in the body, having performed one’s duties to one’s self (such as yoga practice) and to others, one is then well prepared for suitable work, from which one may derive appropriate pleasure.

It is possible that the happiness derived from harmonious and healthy living naturally starts to merge our minds in samadhi. Samadhi is a birthright and dis-harmony, ill health and distress prevents its appearance.

I’ve fast-forwarded you to the end. Read on to get learn about all the aims of life.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

5 thoughts on “An intense weekend ahead and cultivating healthy attachments”

  1. I was just wondering about Sunday led class. Has there always been one or is this something new? I”ve always practiced to a video on Friday as my led class and have attended a Sunday led class but i didn’t know it was part of the practice schedule. Any history on this?

    1. Never mind i answered my own question:

      “Ashtanga Yoga Led Classes

      Led classes or guided classes are part of the current teaching method at the K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI) in Mysore.

      The “Led Class” was primarily taught by Pattabhi Jois when he was leading large groups of students outside of Mysore. When on International Teaching Tours, Guruji or Sharath will guide hundreds of students simultaneously through the traditional sequence of postures in the Primary Series.

      In Mysore, led Primary Series classes are conducted on Fridays and Sundays. There is also a guided Intermediate Series class on Sunday, for those students who practice the second sequence of postures.

      Led classes are beneficial to the student in a number of ways:

      First, the student learns the correct vinyasa. Vinyasa simply means “breathing-movement system.”

      In the Ashtanga Yoga sequence, it is important to connect one breath with one movement.

      The full expression of one breath is linked to the full expression of a movement.

      The correct vinyasa takes some time to grasp, and is only mastered through regular practice. A led class can correct any errors that may have crept into a student’s practice.

      The second benefit of the led class is to foster determination and stamina in conjunction with elegant surrender to the instructions of the teacher. This combination of inner strength and soft submission create a dynamic feeling of peace and experiential awareness within in the student. “

  2. Hi Steve..Tim will be in Mountain View this weekend at yoga is youth. Schedule has not been updated yet with subs, but if you see his ‘workshop’ link it shows it.

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