John Friend profiled, exercise in a hot pod and is knitting the new yoga for men?

We have an ongoing interest in John Friend, largely because he was and remains such a major figure within the U.S. yoga world.

I think his fall has been pretty well documented. Now, the local alt weekly where Friend has relocated has a big cover story on the “fallen yoga guru“:

After the maelstrom of negative press he weathered in early 2012 — including lengthy, unflattering profiles in the Washington PostNew York and Texas Monthly, plus a lurid exposé on the Daily Beast website — Friend is guarded about the personal life he’s cultivated since he moved to Denver that summer. “One of the central issues for me over the last couple of years is the increasing lack of respect for privacy and confidentiality in society,” he writes in an e-mail. “I really want my sex life and my other personal sacred and spiritual practices held privately, and not made public by others who don’t respect such boundaries.”

The way he describes it, his life in Denver is considerably simpler than the one he enjoyed at the height of his success. He lives in an 800-square-foot rental in Sunnyside, a place that could fit in the living room of the modest two-story home he inherited from his mother in Woodlands, Texas, which he still owns but is planning to sell. In his apartment, there’s just enough room for a few hundred of the books in the 5,000-volume library he’s amassed on topics such as Buddhism, astrology and scripture, and just a few samples of the myriad paintings, sculptures and crystals he’s collected on his world travels. He used to always be on his cell phone, juggling the responsibilities of running a twenty-employee company with international reach. Now, when he’s not teaching private sessions or running one of the four weekly classes he teaches at Vital Yoga’s locations in Highland and Golden, Friend spends his time writing detailed notes in a leather-bound journal, the beginnings of a book on Sridaiva.

Friend also is photographed in a Hanuman shirt:


Take a look if you’re interested. It does a quick overview of yoga’s development in the 1970s and dives into Friend’s latest alignment plans.

If you’ re not, I don’t know how you can’t claim to be drawn in by this story lead: “A new ‘fitness spa’ offers clients $125 classes in which they work out in glass pods that are heated at up to 98 degrees Fahrenheit.”

That’s from a piece at the Daily Mail:

Instructors stand next to each pod and lead a specified course that includes thirty minutes of fast-paced repetitions for an intense cardio workout in a pod heated at up to 98 degrees (though the student can adjust the temperature based on their own tolerances).

Afterwards, students sit in a triple-oxygenated pod, set at 80degrees, for fifteen minutes starting ‘a detoxification process that makes you glow,’ Ms Lissa said.

The company behind it is based out here in Los Angeles — in Santa Monica, specifically.

Finally, we leave you with this question: Is knitting the new yoga for men?

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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