How to connect to all the world’s holy places

I want to offer up something quick for you to ruminate on, coming from our workshop last month at Ashtanga Yoga New York on Moksha.

It came, I think, in response to the remarkable Temple space Eddie Stern has developed, and it built out of Eddie’s discussion about chanting, meditation and the yoga sutras. During that talk, he focused for a time on our nervous systems (and the solar system, too) and the “conversation” between our body and brain via the nervous system.

After, Robert Moses noted the following (my words to paraphrase him):

All holy places in the world are connected by a “nervous system” of sorts, a connection of these points of energy  across the globe. And, if you go to one you can connect to them all.

If you’ve felt that ineffable energy, vibe, power — pick your description — you will know what Robert meant.

Once you’ve thoroughly considered that, perhaps less esoterically, here are three things to peruse during the weekend:

  • You’ve probably seen it already, but there’s a new online Ashtanga site: Ashtanga Magazine. Sounds like the mission is fairly similar to ours, but I assume it is being run by authorized teachers so it may highlight a different set of Ashtanga-related items, with more of a focus on Mysore. Keep in mind, our purpose is to highlight teachers, stories, etc. that don’t seem to have their own publicity juice; that does not seem to be an issue here. Just a way of saying, they probably won’t need our help getting on your radars.
  • And two different types of yoga classes, which I can’t help sharing. Here’s the latest story of someone going to a naked yoga class. This is just such a thing, it is hard not to react. But far better is this: Dungeons & Dragons-themed yoga class. In Brooklyn. Probably not real good for turning the gaze inward, but …

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

2 thoughts on “How to connect to all the world’s holy places”

  1. Great blog Steve. You certainly feel that energy and power you describe in places like Rishikesh, Tirupathi or Tiruvannamalai. You must’ve experienced it.

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