Yes, the yoga team won the Super Bowl

I nearly pulled the trigger on pointing out that the Seattle Seahawks win in the Super Bowl on Sunday was one for the yogis.

Why? Because the team fairly famously incorporates yoga and meditation into its routine. (I didn’t pull the trigger because I cannot be a fan of the team’s coach, Pete Carroll, for a whole ton of reasons. But having lived in Seattle way back when, I was a divided fan, I guess.)

Now, two things have pushed me over the edge. First, Eddie Stern’s reaction includes this hilarious incident:

I was on a train back from a great weekend at Ashtanga Yoga Richmond when Sunday night’s Super Bowl ended with the Seahawks crushing victory, and so I thought I would test out the hypothesis that the Seahawk’s won because of all the yoga and meditation they did on my cab driver. “More likely it was their defense”, he replied.

And now the New York Times is calling the Seahawks’ win “a triumph for the profile of yoga.” And who can argue with the New York Times?

The Seahawks’ success suddenly seemed inextricably tied to Coach Pete Carroll’s new-age approach to his team, which includes an extensive support team for his players’ well-being, led by a sports psychologist, Mike Gervais. When the Seahawks beat the Broncos in dominating fashion, the image of the browbeating dictatorial coach took a wallop. In its place, meditation might become the new black.

And here I thought orange was the new black.

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