Did you hear? Subway to take yoga mat chemical out of its bread

We’ve covered a few instances of where food — as in the stuff you eat, you know, put in your body — contains chemicals that also are found in your yoga mat — as in that rubbery thing you sweat all over and drag around with you.

The McRib was the highest profile. But it turns out that Subway’s breads also contain a chemical that’s common to yoga mats.

Not for long, though.

As you may have seen, Subway announced it will stop using the chemical,  azodicarbonamide, in its breads. From the LA Times coverage:

The chemical, called azodicarbonamide, is a plastic-based additive used as a bleaching agent in the bread at Subway, the buns at McDonald’s, Burger King and other fast-food restaurants.

Blogger Vani Hari put a spotlight on Subway’s use of the ingredient when she started a petition on her blog, Foodbabe.com, to have them remove it. Her petition received more than 50,000 signatures and Hari is taking credit for the ingredient’s removal.


The FDA lists azodicarbonamide as a food additive that “may be safely used in food” as long as its intended use is for aging and bleaching an ingredient or as a dough conditioner.

In a 1999 report on azodicarbonamide by The World Health Organization states “the effects of exposure to azodicarbonamide in humans have not been fully evaluated,” but that it was linked to respiratory symptoms in some cases.

Apparently it is a coincidence that First Lady Michelle Obama just announced a healthy eating partnership with Subway. I think I also saw that she’s doing yoga, now that she’s hit the big 5-0.

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