New video: Ashtanga Yoga Bali Conference

I’ve been keeping one eye out for video from last Fall’s conference in Bali featuring Manju Jois, Danny Paradise, Annie Pace, David Williams, Joanne & Mark Darby and Prem & Radha Carlisi.

Here’s the first one I’ve seen. It mostly captures the scene and attendees’ practices:

It does note this: The next conference will be in about a year, April 2015, and will include Manju Jois, Danny Paradise, Nancy Gilgoff, David Swenson and Prem & Radha Carlisi. The video also says there are more from the conference at, but while I see a number of videos (that look worth checking out), right now I couldn’t find any from the conference. Those may be coming, though — this video is pretty new (nine views right now). So maybe check it out again shortly.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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