Final reminder: If you are thinking of going to India, consider this

Yes, yes, we’ve talked about the Namarupa Yatra Divine, happening this summer, a few times. And a few times again.


It isn’t just because we’re trying to help promote the three-week trip to some of India’s holiest places, led by Robert Moses. It’s also because, having gone last year, we can attest to the power and meaning of the adventure.

A couple of days ago, I saw some other folks on ye olde Facebook page debating whether to go, and so I’m going to toss out there — I think one final time — the encouragement that if you are looking for a way to travel in a very non-tourist way, in a very like other pilgrims in India way, you should consider the Namarupa trip.

This was probably our most thorough breakdown of why you should go.

And I should say why I’m bringing the topic back up, because it isn’t just due to the Facebook discussion I saw: Based on the last check-in from Robert, you really should make the decision by the end of the month. I’m sure there is some wiggle room — we are talking about India, after all, and as the information flyer itself says, “Travelling in India often leads to the unexpected and things may change. Suddenly!” — but I think the real legwork of getting rooms and booking the internal flights will begin in March. So being on board by then makes some sense.

As a reminder, the trip is broken into two parts, the first from June 24 to July 5 and the second from July 5 to July 16. Of course, you can do both! (That’s our plan.)

Let me quote from Namarupa about the trip:

In modern day India there are three vibrant spiritual currents. Saivites favor Lord Siva, Vaishnavas Lord Vishnu and Sakthas the Goddess. Each of these deities has innumerable manifestations and each of those have many different temples at sacred places where they reside. The intention of the Yatra Divine will be to go as much as possible as pilgrims to the sacred temples and, where permitted, to have darshan of the gods and goddesses. This will not be tourism. We will travel simply, lodge in Indian-style accommodations, eat vegetarian meals and dress and behave appropriately according to local custom. We will practice early morning yoga, take time for meditation, as well as discussions and explanations regarding our experiences. We will have ample time for the usual sightseeing, shopping and exploring that travellers enjoy. The pace will be relaxed, but this being India, one can expect the unexpected.

For those who missed them, here is a link to our dispatches from our last yatra.

There, I’ve had my say. If it is your karma to go, we’ll see you there.

But I do have to add one other reason to go: Radhakunda Das!

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