Kids are drinking more coffee. Even we might not support that

Yes, yes, “no coffee, no prana,” but, c’mon. Also: The Middle Path.

According to a new study in the journal Pediatrics (you know something is serious when it is preceded by the words “the journal”) and detailed — for those not serious enough to read the journal Pediatrics — at Quartz, kids are getting their caffeine fixes more often from coffee and less from soda.

OK, that doesn’t sound so bad. But coffee or soda, in kids? Seems a little loopy. Here’s more from the Quartz summary:

American children consume less caffeine than they did a decade ago, but a study published in Pediatrics found that the 2-22 set can now thank coffee for nearly a quarter of their daily caffeine intake, up from 10% a decade ago. The caffeine consumed via soda dropped from 62% to 38%. Soda’s significant loss of drinkers could be because of a cultural shift. While soda was once perceived as healthier than coffee, the roles have now been switched. (Surprisingly, energy drinks only accounted for around 6% of youth caffeine consumption.)

The good news there, of course, is that kids are consuming less caffeine that 10 years ago — sort of hard to believe, when you hear about the overly stimulated, overly stressful world in which today’s kids (aka “kids these days”) supposedly live.

The thing is, apparently, that as sugary drinks — potentially to be labeled here in California — have gotten a bad rap, coffee has gotten a better one. (Color us guilty!) But we aren’t feeling bad about being guilty, because in many coffee drinks, it isn’t the coffee that’s bad. No sirree. It’s the sugars and fats that get added in to mochas, etc.

There’s no prana in that stuff. And we don’t advocate it. (Well, maybe a little cream, if you have to…)

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