Yes, Lululemon has another customer-relations problem

Feel like, to be consistent — as in keeping a six-day-a-week practice — we need to acknowledge that Lululemon once again is under fire for some corporate missteps.

This time, it’s all in reaction to the company’s trying to block customers from re-selling its clothing.

Here’s how the Vancouver Sun sums things up:

Lululemon has issued an apology after banning some customers from buying its products online for reselling its yoga wear on eBay or other websites.

The situation arose after Eric Lewis, founder of the blog LuluMen, said he was warned by the yoga retailer that he would be blacklisted from using their online store after he tried to sell a pair of new Lululemon pants on eBay that he had bought at a warehouse sale. He posted his concerns on the company website, prompting other customers to speak out against the policy.

Therese Hayes, senior vice-president, communications and sustainability for Lululemon Athletica, said in an emailed statement Thursday that Lewis was never blocked from online shopping, but admitted others were.

You can click on the above link to get more from Hayes. Short version: Supposedly they were trying to target people who did large re-sells. Uh huh.

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