New: Yoga by numbers. Wait, aren’t we already doing that?

You’ve been in a Led Ashtanga class, right?

If so, you’re at least somewhat familiar with the Sanskrit counting for the practice (copied from

1 = ekam; 2 = dve; 3 = trīṇi; 4 = catvāri; 5 = pañca; 6 = ṣaṭ; 7 = sapta; 8 = aṣṭau; 9 = nava;
10 = daśa; 11 = ekādaśa; 12 = dvādaśa; 13 = trayodaśa; 14 = caturdaśa; 15 = pañcadaśa;
16 = ṣoḍaśa; 17 = saptadaśa; 18 = aṣṭadaśa; 19 = ekonavimśatiḥ; 20 = vimśatiḥ; 21 = ekāvimśatiḥ;
22 = dvāvimśatiḥ; 23 = trayovimśatiḥ; 24 = caturvimśatiḥ; 25 = pañcavimśatiḥ; 26 = ṣoḍavimśatiḥ;
27 = saptavimśatiḥ; 28 = aṣṭovimśatiḥ

Well, you know what they say: Ain’t nothing new under the Surya. I give you: Yoga by Numbers (in the New York Daily News):

Learning yoga just got as easy as one, two, three.

A new mat eliminates the guesswork for beginning yogis by sporting a numbered grid that lets you know where to put your hands and feet for basic poses.

It’s an innovation so brilliantly simple it’s a wonder no one meditated on it before.

The bright idea came from Elizabeth Morrow, a 32-year-old from Boston, who founded Yoga By Numbers to share her invention with the masses.

Now, I want to be clear, while I’m sure I at times demonstrate a bit of a high-horsey, elitist attitude toward thoroughly Western yogas, I’m all for efforts to assist folks for whom a high-intensity yoga may not be right. (Ahem.) It’s just that I’d argue Ashtanga already is yoga by numbers.

So. There. Nothing earth-shattering. A little Friday humor for you. And a question: Think a yoga mat with the Sanskrit numbers would sell?

Speaking of yoga that sells… here’s one of our occasional “get it on the record” links. Some of the accusers who say Bikram raped them were on ABC’s Nightline Wednesday night. It is another one of those videos that won’t embed into our system, so if you care to hear the details — disturbing as you might expect — you can click here.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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