At Whole Foods, you can get pseudoscience with your non-GMO veggies

Like you, we have given over too much of our paychecks too many times to Whole Foods.

You want fresh, organic foods, what are you going to do? (We did this.)

If, while browsing through the wide, clean aisles, you’ve wondered about some of the claims made by some of the products in Whole Foods — you aren’t alone:

But you don’t have to schlep all the way to Kentucky in order to visit America’s greatest shrine to pseudoscience. In fact, that shrine is a 15-minute trip away from most American urbanites.

I’m talking, of course, about Whole Foods Market. From the probiotics aisle to the vaguely ridiculous Organic Integrity outreach effort (more on that later), Whole Foods has all the ingredients necessary to give Richard Dawkins nightmares. And if you want a sense of how weird, and how fraught, the relationship between science, politics, and commerce is in our modern world, then there’s really no better place to go. Because anti-science isn’t just a religious, conservative phenomenon—and the way in which it crosses cultural lines can tell us a lot about why places like the Creation Museum inspire so much rage, while places like Whole Foods don’t.

Hat tip to The Dish, where I saw the report, which concludes with the non-too controversial claim that few of us our rational and most hypocrites.

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