Ashtanga as a sign of hipster gentrification

This week, Politico magazine got away from its roots in Washington, D.C. and came out West to Los Angeles. The story on Skid Row is worth your time:

L.A.’s Skid Row was not the first of its kind but may well have become the worst, a 54-block island of despair west of the L.A. river, stretching north from 7th to 3rd streets and east from Main to Alameda, that has long had the distinction of hosting the largest concentration of homeless people in the country. For decades, it was an economic black hole in the middle of the city, where the helpless and hopeless washed up and would remain, very much out of sight and out of mind.

But what caught my eye for our blog was this description from an accompanying photo essay:

But Skid Row is fast changing, Ed Leibowitz writes, “going upscale” as hipsters and creative classers snap up loft apartments and sign up for Ashtanga yoga.

In this case, the usually “bad” gentrification had its upside: It forced political leaders to address the longstanding (and truly embarrassing) problem of LA’s Skid Row.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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