Stories from miraculous temples in India

Earlier this week, we pointed you to a slide show about 10 facts about the Ganga.

Well, we’re back for more. Here’s another slideshow from the Times of India, this time featuring a bunch of “miraculous temples” in India. Link here, and to give you a taste:

A hand pump located inside the premises of an ancient Hanuman temple in Uttar Pradesh is visited by hundreds of people irrespective of their religion every day. Reason: its water is said to have miraculous healing powers. Hindus, Muslims and people from other religions have been lining up before the hand pump, installed within the gate of the Hanuman temple in Jagnewa village of Jalaun district. According to locals, the hand pump’s water recently turned miraculous after a saint from Madhya Pradesh “infused it with therapeutic properties”.

I promise I won’t keep posting these; it’s just caught my eye for some reason.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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