Yoga in Harlem and, more surprisingly, Congress

The Pattabhi Jois/Ashtanga/yoga legacy is alive and spreading.

During the past week, representatives of the Sonima Foundation — including Eddie Stern — were in Harlem at the Harlem Village Academy (named corrected), teaching some yoga.

Here’s the video clip:

Also, the Sonima Tumblr blog mentions that a quartet of Sonima folk, including Eddie, recently met with Ohio Representative TIm Ryan. Why?

Lastly, four of our Sonima team (Sonia, Gene, Salima, & Eddie) are having lunch today with Congressman Tim Ryan of the 13th District of Ohio (think Youngstown, which is the northeast corner of the state for you California and New York folk for whom knowledge of the Midwest is a tad hazy.) Why Tim Ryan? Because Tim Ryan is a rigorous practitioner and tireless advocate of mindfulness.

It all started shortly after the 2008 elections, when Congressman Ryan joined a handful of business leaders at a five-day mindfulness retreat in the Catskills of New York. No reading, writing or working on the computer. No cell phones, smart phones or blackberries. No talking in general and no talking at all for thirty-six hours. No eye contact with others. And for Congressman Ryan, no looking back after it was done.

More on the goings on at the blog right here. It seems fair to say Sonima is hitting its stride.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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