Eddie Stern and the Mindful Congressman

A week or so ago, we noted that Eddie Stern was among a group that met with Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio, the so-called “Mindful Congressman.” Today, Eddie has more on that visit:

Last week, the Congressman and I spent the afternoon together at the Broome Street Academy, a charter school for foster and homeless children, observing one of the yoga classes run by the Sonima Foundation, and speaking with the director of the school. He spoke passionately about the need for our country to not just become more thoughtful, caring and kind, but to learn how to deal with the incessant distractions that we are inundated with – all achievable through the simple practice of meditation. Much of this is outlined in his book, Mindful Nation, which, if you have not read, you should. It is the first direct foray into contemplative practice for daily living written by a public politician, and hopefully is a sign of the times to come.

On Monday, March 31st, Congressman Ryan will be leading a discussion/fundraiser at Deepak Chopra’s Homebase at ABC Carpets in NYC, on how this movement can help shape an integrated mindful policy and spark a national dialogue around some of our country’s most important issues including health care (especially preventative), education, veteran’s benefits, income equality and food policy.

You can check out more about Ryan, as well as a photo of him and Eddie, at Eddie’s blog.

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