Did Jois Yoga in Sydney quietly close? — Updated

I was just looking around the Interweb for some information for a post on Sunday — quick guess on what it might be about? — and I found, if that’s the right word, a lack of a Jois Yoga in Sydney page.

If you recall, there used to be a “locations” link on the Jois Yoga site. That’s gone. There’s just Jois Corporate and Jois Yoga Encinitas.

You’ll also probably remember that the Greenwich Jois shala closed last year, and at the time there were rumors that both Sydney and Encinitas would follow. (A first Jois shala in Florida closed even earlier.) Both, at the time in early September, had full schedules through the end of 2013.

Now the schedule page at Jois Yoga just takes you to Encinitas. It has an intro to Ashtanga course listed as far off as June.

What sleuthing I can do on the Internet pulls up a few things:

  • A link from a Yelp review of the Jois shala goes to a “Page not found” at the Jois site.
  • Ashtanga Yoga Sydney does not have the same address as the Jois shala — but there may be a connection?
  • A Google search does pull up as “Jois Yoga Sydney close” — suggesting others have done that search — but there’s nothing found related to it.

So did the shala close, quietly? As we’ve covered earlier, the Sonima Foundation is definitely running at full speed. Maybe that’s more of the focus, along with the University of Virginia center?

Update: A nice reader (see comments below) forwarded us an email from mid January and, yes, the Jois shala did close at the end of December. Ashtanga Yoga Sydney effectively takes its place, and is being run by Frances Liotta, who managed the Jois studio and taught there for a couple of years.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

5 thoughts on “Did Jois Yoga in Sydney quietly close? — Updated”

  1. Hi Steve,
    I have an email I received in January about the Bondi location closed in December. I lived there 2010/2011 and practiced there sometimes so they had my email address. I can forward you the email if you like. I just dont have your email to send to.

  2. An interesting phenomena fore sure. The brand doesn’t contain parampara like the teachers that have been certified and studied in Mysore and have their own shalas. The source tried to use it’s own brand to take on its own students and yet failed. It just goes to show you how powerful parampara is and how strong the bond is between teacher and student in the Ashtanga world. I guess this shows that while most of Sharath’s students are our teachers that’s as far as that goes. I don’t think I could show another example of this type of business failure in any other industry, interesting.

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