Finally, we’re getting back down to the Ashtanga Yoga Center

We’ve been terribly remiss in getting down to San Diego for practice with Tim Miller. Pretty much after he told us to come monthly, something conspired to keep us away — any number of both silly and serious reasons.

And so we said we absolutely had to get down for this “The Essence of Sadhana” workshop on Saturday. Details, if you’re going to be in Southern California next week, are right here. The description focuses on one of the meanings of sadhana as “great accomplishment.”

The workshop benefits a good cause, the Sean O’Shea Foundation, and is just $50. For three hours of asana, pranayama and kirtan and mantra with Tim Miller. A great deal.

We’ll, of course, report out next weekend.

This weekend we also got an update email about our summer Yatra with Namarupa to northern parts of India. I guess we’d sort of ignored that there would be camping … at something like 13,000 feet, no less. We’re even more excited than we were. I suspect you might still be able to sneak in. Link here.

A final update, for anyone in Northern California this summer. Our friend from both Tim’s Mt. Shasta and Tulum weeks, Leigha Nicole. She’ll be running a Mysore Intensive in June at the Berkeley Yoga Center. Link here. If you are going to be there in June, we can first-hand say you should try to find some time to practice with Leigha.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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