Another great, old Ashtanga video — plus all the names in another

This video has been up since December, and it’s closing in on 18,500 views. But I hadn’t seen it yet, and as some of the comments say it is a great example of the advanced practice:

According to the description, it includes David Swenson, Lucy Martorella, David Williams, Helena Berg and Robert Boustany. It starts with some scene-setting discussion of yoga.

And I can’t help mention this: The David Williams in this video is the David Williams who David Swenson impersonates when he does his David Williams impression. (How’s that for a clear-as-mud sentence?) I think Williams’ accent has softened over the years.

On the subject of videos, we posted an old video of Guruji teaching a week ago, and Eddie Stern has since been told who all is in the video:

brad ramsey
clifford sweatte
chuck miller
sandy harrington
stephanie gilgoff (nancy’s sister)
helena berg
lynne heiman (ricky’s wife)

you can see ricky come in at about 1:45 into the video, chatting with guruji.

it is circa 1985. and was filmed in ricky’s garage in kona, hawaii.

It is worth clicking over the Eddie’s blog for the photo of him.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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