India begins biggest vote in the world, plus more on Sean O’Shea Foundation

If you practice yoga, it seems to me you ought at least to be aware that India on Monday started what could be the largest election ever.

It’s the vote for the country’s national government, which has been especially contention, as the NY Times notes:

This vote is widely seen as historic, coming at a time of widespread social change that has put the Indian National Congress-led government on the defensive after leading the country for 10 years.  Opinion polls have shown that voters are leaning toward the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party, or B.J.P., as a growing middle-class electorate expresses disappointment with lackluster government services and corruption; voters are mobilizing on social media en masse for the first time; and the B.J.P. has connected to crucial voting demographics — including rural and young voters — by harnessing a popular demand for change.

The reason we can call it the biggest election ever? India has about 814.5 million voters. (Nice info graphic from the Washington Post here.)

The NY Times also has a long piece on the man expected to become India’s next prime minister.

The voting runs until May 12; the count is scheduled for May 16.

On a totally unrelated note, here’s a new video about the Sean O’Shea Foundation, the benefactor of the recent Tim Miller workshop we attended (and which we will post more about; Monday turned out to be especially busy):

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