Eddie Stern answers: Is yoga physical, spiritual or religious?

Eddie Stern’s comments from his workshop in Milan, Italy, are definitely making the rounds. We linked to one person’s take earlier. (And, as promised/expected, more updates since earlier in the weekend, including a pretty lengthy set of notes from Eddie’s talks. And an answer to the question: How long was this workshop? Five days.) Now there’s also this, focused on Eddie’s answer to the question in our headline:

Krishnamacharya rispose: Per coloro che hanno fede, le posture vengono fatte per realizzare il link tra il sè individuale ed il Sè cosmico. Qui viene in gioco il termine yoga nel suo significato di ‘unione’.

Per coloro che non credono in Dio ma credono in un sè individuale, allora lo yoga è l’unione tra quel sè individuale e la mente.

Infine, per coloro che non accettano l’esistenza di un sè individuale, le posture aiutano l’unione tra il sè (corpo) e il prana (la forza vitale).

You can go to the blog post for the answer in English. (But, I’ll give you a hint: All of them, depending on the person.)

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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