Sonima Foundation reportedly to announce expansion of school yoga program

If you are on the Jois Yoga email list, you know that on Wednesday night, the Sonima Foundation — the charitable arm of Jois Yoga — is having an open house at the Encinitas studio.

It looked pretty straight-forward: a kids yoga demo, Q&A with Sonima’s president, Eugene Ruffin, etc. But apparently there’s a little more:

Officials from the Sonima Foundation – formerly the Jois Foundation – are scheduled to speak about how yoga, already part of the health and wellness programs in Encinitas elementary schools, will be expanded to other districts.

The foundation gave more than $500,000 to the Encinitas Union School District to create a yoga program in 2012. Last summer, the foundation gave the district another $1.4 million grant to expand the program.

Sonima already has moved beyond the Encinitas district, and it has programs back in New York and has folks touring the country, per its Tumblr. The question will be: How big is this expansion (both in terms of size/number of students and money) and where — multiple states, many districts?

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