Support the spread of sacred Indian music

On Friday, into our inbox came news that Naren Schreiner of Sangita Yoga — playing in a few weeks at the Confluence — is set to record an album of sacred (and traditional) Indian music.

And he’s appealing for support. (Krishna Das did it, after all.) Here’s the PayPal link.

But you’re probably wondering what’s going to be on the album. Here’s a peak:

– Hanuman Chalisa (Varanasi) — sung in a traditional melody from Varanasi, the ancient city where the Chalisa was written by Tulasidas over 500 years ago. 
– Madhuranam Gurunam — a kirtan honoring all true Sat-Gurus and the sweetness (madhura) that their name invokes.
– Om Kali — a joyous kirtan to Mother Kali, of the famous Dakshineshwar Temple,  where India’s great spiritual renaissance of this age began.
– Atmashtakam — a centuries old song by Adi Shankara, known as “Shivohum”, declaring our true nature as the Atma (soul). 
– Sanskrit invocations to Guru, Saraswati (Goddess of Music) and more!….

We’ve written a bit about him, having seen him perform a few times and taken an afternoon class with him. Naren brings a non-egotist, caring, deep, solemn and beautiful perspective to the music. (I’ll go out on the karma limb and say that too much kirtan we’ve experienced seems to involve singers singing their own names when chanting “Ram,” “Krishna” or “Shiva,” if that meaning comes through. Naren and those he performs with are an exception.)

As is the case with these types of fundraisers, he’s offering you something beyond the good feeling of supporting his effort. These include two signed advanced copies of the album (on CD) for $50; a signed copy plus a certificate for an hour class with him for $108; and a home concert for $1,008.

Naren’s aiming for a production cost of $6,000; he noted Krishna Das’ new album cost $50,000.

You also can send him a check (avoiding a 3% processing fee):

Sangita Yoga
20371 Sun Valley Dr.
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Be sure to provide contact information with your contribution
so that we can follow up with you.

I’m sure those of  you going to the Confluence could ask him more, too.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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