David Garrigues on how a yoga teacher motivates students

Home Ashtanga practitioners may know better than anyone the real value of a teacher.

It’s just that knowledge comes from a lack, not a positive reinforcement of the practice. A lack of motivation, of encouragement, of going beyond the limits thanks to the teacher shakti.

Bobbie and I are now in the home practitioner camp, which makes the not-often-enough trips to the Ashtanga Yoga Center all that more valuable.

David Garrigues has a new post up about the role of the yoga teacher. Link is here, and the section that resonates the most with me:

Joy: But a student’s limit can change, correct?

David: Yes. Ashtanga yoga is potent because it helps you to do or be what you never even dreamed. But of course there are challenges involved, a lot of limits are also quite fixed, and thus they remain somewhat stable. And so as the teacher you must be patient, some of the instructions, the patterns you want to help the student change, the new thing you want to introduce to them, you must wait…and you can wait a long time— maybe.

Ashtanga is potent, that’s for sure — and it is most potent when the teacher is there helping and guiding.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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