Past karmas and good fortune

We received the latest Yatra newsletter from Robert Moses on Sunday, and Robert wrote something about preparing ourselves for the devotional, spiritual aspects of the trip that really is churning around in my head: “Somehow, owing to past karma’s, we are being lucky to go there on one short trip.”

He was talking about all of the places — Puri, Varanasi and others — that we will be visiting, most during a time when a major festival or significant event is happening. Many, many Indians hope one day to go to these same places.

Somehow, we are getting to do so. Again.

I don’t think of myself as a lucky person (and definitely not blessed), and certainly not in this way (and pretty much never involving all things yoga), but — as I’ve been thinking about it — I have to realize I am.

Invariably, then, I’ve been wondering why — what those past karmas are — and how they might manifest during the Yatra, in some place like Varanasi (perhaps at the Hanuman temple?) or up at Gomukh.

Robert in his newsletter encouraged us to begin tending to ourselves in preparation for the trip. “Be mentally and emotionally prepared,” he wrote.

I’m not sure that’s fully possible, but the feeling I’m having today is that the whirl that is India may be beginning to catch us in its currents.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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