Marking five years since Pattabhi Jois’ passing

It’s been five years — strictly by our Western calendar — since Pattabhi Jois passed away, on May 18, 2009. In honor, here’s a little bit of Eddie Stern’s background on Guruji:

Guruji walked lightly upon this earth for ninety-three years.  He brought upliftment to the world through his tireless dedication to the teaching and practice of Ashtanga Yoga, and through his dedication to his spiritual life as a householder. Not too long ago in India, the teaching of Yoga was not a glamorous profession. The majority of the population eschewed its practice, viewing it in much the same way as it was, until recently, viewed in the West – as a fringe interest of monks, recluses, and spiritual fanatics. But just as Krishnamacharya had done before him, Guruji chose to go against the grain of his times when he dedicated himself to the teaching and practice of Yoga. This may explain why he never told his family about his practice, and why he left for Mysore at fourteen without saying a word to any of them. If he had, they might have protested or attempted to talk him out of it.

It’s well worth reading the whole thing if you haven’t, or even if you have before.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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