A chance to help a good cause at Ashtanga Yoga New York

Ashtanga Yoga New York and Ashtanga Yoga Outreach are running a raffle to help fund their work teaching yoga to severely disabled adults.

Here’s the info (and the link to donate and maybe win the raffle) at AYNY’s homepage:

For the past two years, Sherry Russell and Yuko Kodama have been traveling once per week to Staten Island to teach a group of severely disabled adults. These classes have been a quality of life enhancing tool for this group, just as it has been for all of us who practice. We have reached a point where AYNY + AYO needs help to continue paying for this program, as the funding we had originally raised has run out. By purchasing a raffle ticket, or a book of tickets, you will help us to keep this program going.

More on Ashtanga Yoga Outreach is available here. There’s a $5,500 goal. Prizes include three months of yoga, a day’s cleanse and an intro to acupuncture. You also can just donate, if you want.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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