Urban Yogis take it to the next level

Our last post focused on the really amazing work by Ashtanga Yoga Outreach with disabled adults.

AYO also has its Urban Yogis program. An update about it came across the Sonima Foundation blog a few days back, or a couple of posts down (as of our posting):

For a year, Eddie and Deepak worked with these kids on meditation and yoga, visiting them every month and bringing them along in each practice with gentle care and guidance. At the end of the year, some young people were doing so well with the yoga that Eddie offered a summer intensive program. Five students agreed to participate.

Again, those five excelled. Whatever their challenges, or successes, had been in the past, with yoga they’d found something new that brought them confidence, better health, and a deep sense of passion. These students were committed, and they wanted to continue to practice yoga through the course of the year.

And they did. Once or twice a week, they got on the train in Queens and traveled into Manhattan and continued to work with Eddie for the next nine months.

At the end of those nine months, Eddie surprised them with a question: “Are you ready to go to the next level?”

Curious and intrigued, they sort of hemmed and hawed in unison, “What did you have in mind?”

Then Eddie laid them out with an answer more surprising than the original question: “You want to be yoga teachers?”

You’ll have to click over to the Sonima blog to find out what’s happening in answer to Eddie’s question.

There’s also this video:

Bobbie and I — I believe — saw these students when we were back in New York in January; we came by Ashtanga Yoga New York a little early for a Siva puja, and Eddie was finishing up a class with them. He was kind enough to introduce us. They all seemed to be taking to the yoga and other instruction Eddie was providing — far better than I ever would have at 17 or so.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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