Friday asana aid: Bhujapidasana

Our truly intrepid readers ought to be saying, “Wait, you did Bhuja before.”

True. It was our second Friday asana aid, way back nearly two years ago.

The reason we’re returning to it is because last weekend I took my first private yoga class with our friend, and occasional contributor, Maria Zavala.

We have a few more scheduled, from which there likely will be asana stuff to report. Round one was mainly her taking me through Primary to see where my practice is at at this point.

But she did suggest that I try the chin-to-the-floor version of Bhujapidasana. And, voila, I managed it. Definitely tougher on the bandhas and shoulders, and trying to come back up was not the most elegant I’ve ever been.

So to mark this little moment, here’s a different set of instructional videos for you. We begin with the folks at Ashtanga Yoga Paris:

My best guess is Paris is one of the cities where my practice would be at its worst. Why? Baguettes. And wine. (Rome, Florence and/or Venice probably are next in line. Why? Wine. And pizza.)

OK, now Mark Darby, posted just a few days ago:

Moving away from Ashtanga proper, Ekhart Yoga:

And finally, not quite it, but 3,500 views — so see what other people are learning:

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