Yoga hosers and #whitepeopledoingyoga

Two things for you to check out this weekend.

First up, apparently film director Kevin Smith — of Clerks and Dogma fame — is going to film a movie called Yoga Hosers.

As you might guess, it is set in Canada.

While the precise plot isn’t clear, the inspiration for the film was Simon Metke.


Here’s who (via the Edmonton Journal):

Metke made news earlier this year when he was arrested after an investigation by Quebec’s Integrated Art Crime Investigation Team, and accused of having a Persian bas-relief sculpture that had been stolen from Montreal’s Museum of Fine Arts in September 2011.

After his arrest, Metke told the Journal he bought the sculpture from the neighbour of a friend in Montreal for $1,400, not knowing it was stolen, and had planned to take it back to Iran or Iraq or take it on Antiques Roadshow. Instead, he and his girlfriend were charged with possession of stolen property and marijuana offences. The case remains before the courts.

Metke’s story was told in the Edmonton Journal in February and then picked up by Smith, director of cult movie classics such as Clerks, Chasing Amy, Mallrats, Dogma, and Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Smith read the story about Metke aloud on episode 288 of his podcast, Smodcast, in February. On the podcast, Smith and Scott Mosier joke about the case and about Metke, using Canadian and French Canadian-style accents and plenty of eh’s.

In a recreation of RCMP entering Metke’s apartment, Mosier says: “Open up, yoga hoser.”

Smith laughs uproariously, then responds: “Yoga hoser. Genius.”

Yoga hosers, I suspect probably fall into the #whitepeopledoingyoga category, created by artist Chiraag Bhakta. His exhibit is part of the San Francisco leg of the “Yoga: The Art of Transformation” show. This is from the Bold Italic:

What do you hope people take away from going to see your exhibit at the Asian Art Museum?

Well, SF is a great place to have this conversation, it’s the epicenter of Western/White Yoga. There a bunch of individual pieces in the installation that might seem humorous, but the objective was to present them in an overwhelming and suffocating way, since that is how I feel about the industry.

It might make some feel uncomfortable, but that’s ok. I’m hoping those who do will put their guard down for a bit, read the statement, and think about it, without being defensive. Being “positive” isn’t necessarily positive when you’re stepping all over something. Appropriation is still appropriation even if it’s well intentioned.

Namaste, eh?

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