Are you squeamish about eating that dosa from Saravana Bhavan?

A couple of weeks back, the New York Times published a long, Sunday magazine piece on P. Rajagopal, the man who founded the hugely successful (and oh so tasty) Saravana Bhavan chain of international Indian restaurants.

You can find our piece about it here, which comes with a link to the Times piece.

The Times this weekend followed it up with a probably not scientific finding of how readers reacted to the piece. The breakdown?

  • 38% said they could never eat there again, knowing that Rajagopal can be convicted in a murder case.
  • 22% don’t care. The food is that good, after all.
  • 13% think a boycott only would hurt the employees, who seem to be treated well.
  • 16% think the employees are not treated very well.
  • 11% think you only could boycott his restaurant if you also boycott every business owned by a “wrongdoer.”

As I pointed out in our initial piece, we don’t really have to worry about this. The closest restaurant to us here in Los Angeles is the Bay Area. And that’s a bit far to drive for a good dosa, with fine fine options around here.

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