It ain’t the gluten that’ll get you, it’s the wheat

A couple of weeks back, we highlighted a recent study on gluten, which followed — and potentially debunked — the main one that found gluten sensitivity could be a widespread issue.

That study got a lot of coverage, because the initial research is pretty central to the boom in gluten-free products.

But, as we also noted, our aversion to wheat has nothing to do with gluten. We still find that the problems that Dr. William Davis found with wheat ring true to us — or maybe I should say, our gut reaction is still that there’s something amiss with today’s wheat.

Davis, the author of Wheat Belly, not surprisingly had a few things to say about this latest study. Here’s the crux of his response:

Likewise, wheat is far more than just the gluten protein. Among the most important of the tens of thousands of other components in wheat:


In other words, wheat and related grains are still quite terrible for health, with or without gluten. Viewing wheat as nothing more than a vehicle for gluten is hazardous. Conducting a small study in which purified gluten is administered but elicits abdominal distress no different than whey or placebo possibly tells us that this group of 37 people do not have a specific intolerance to gluten–period. It does not exonerate wheat, any more than any apparent reduction in adverse health effects of smoking filtered, low-tar cigarettes exonerates smoking.


Yes: Some people have problems with gluten. But EVERYBODY has problems with wheat. The healthcare system, nutritionists, dietitians, physicians, and the media need to get deglutenized: get rid of the notion that the only problem with modern wheat is gluten. It ain’t so.

Deglutenize yourself. Sing it to the tune of:

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