Timely enough: David Swenson on how you know you’re doing yoga

Here’s a timely capture of some thoughts from David Swenson, during a happening-this-weekend workshop in Milan.

He talks about how you know you’re doing yoga, which builds nicely from the current in the media and online discussion around yoga photos/selfies.

Post is right here. Key part:

“Practicing yoga has nothing to do with how flexible you are. It is not that the more you are flexible, the more you are spiritual. Only the practitioner knows if he is truly doing yoga when on the mat. In some way, the greatest yoga is what you can’t see, though we are very attracted towards what we can see.

If somebody asks you ‘how was your practice?’ most likely answers will be: ‘oh, it was awesome / terrible BECAUSE’…. and than a list of items such as balance in this posture, touching the toes, grabbing the wrists in that other posture are brought forward. This has nothing to do with yoga. That doesn’t mean we’re supposed to ignore our body, though it has to be used as a tool, it’s not the end in itself. Yoga is about breath and mind control…Yogashchitta vritti nirodhah (Patanjali 1.2)… yoga is the mastery of the fluctuations of the mind… that is yoga.

Check out more at the link.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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