Eddie Stern’s Suryanamaskara A

This video is my speed, because it’s just a minute and a half long, and I’ll admit it: I have trouble staying focused on lengthier ones. At the same time, it neatly captures much of the Ashtanga fundamentals: control and pacing, focus and strength.

In other words, it packs a lot in in 90 or so seconds.

Here’s the link to where I found the video. (My headline is a little riff on its.) And Eddie’s quote from the same: “Just fifteen, twenty minutes a day can get you to a better place mentally. You don’t need an hour at the gym or equipment or even a yoga mat, just your body, breath, and a few spare minutes.”

Definitely one of the many things I appreciate about the practice is that, in the end, it is pretty simple: you and a small piece of ground.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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