Here’s an easier path than all that sweaty yoga

It should come as no surprise that I’m always looking for an easier way to the goal — whatever that goal is, I suppose it varies by person — than years and years of hatha / Ashtanga yoga.

So among the many highlights of our coming Yatra, the few days we will be spending in Varanasi are at the top of my excitement list.

Last night, I finished the one required book on our reading list, Diane Eck’s Banaras. And it included this excerpt from the Kashi Khanda:

Where else does a creature obtain liberation as he does here, simply by giving up the body, with very little effort at all!

Not by austerities, not by donations, not by lavish sacrifices can liberation be obtained elsewhere as it can be obtained in Kashi simply by giving up the body!

Even the yogis practicing yoga with mind controlled are not liberated in one lifetime, but they are liberated in Kashi simply by dying.

Not that I’m planning on giving up the body quite yet, but I am willing to reap a few benefits from our time in Varanasi. (Those few lines also may be part of answer to the “is asana enough” question.)

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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