Ashtanga and Vedanta retreat weekend — you come

We’re getting together our last bits and pieces — amazing how stuff adds up, right? — before our Namarupa Yatra.

And as I was doing so, or not, since I was on the Facebook, I saw that our Yatra guide, Robert Moses, had posted notice of a fall weekend retreat in New Hampshire. Plus, our Yatra Ashtanga teacher, Kate O’Donnell, will be there. The final third of the triad is Robert’s wonderful wife, Meenakshi.

Link for the details is right here. Cost for two nights is $325; staying over into Monday (it is Columbus Day weekend) puts it to $425.

We can testify first hand that all three of them are not only extremely knowledgeable but also super capable of imparting that knowledge in a fun, engaging and interesting way.

It is the weekend of Oct. 10. It’s happening in Hillsborough, but given it’s New Hampshire, I think that means it is pretty close to everything else in that state. (Is my SoCal bias showing? Robert and I can work that out on our Yatra.)

OK, back to final packing. What stays, what goes?

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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