Leaving. Will send pics!

We are off today for India.

If you missed that fact, earlier posts about our Yatra — to sites associated with Vishnu/Krishna, Devi/Shakti and Siva/Shiva — are all right here.

During our previous Yatra, we managed to get a few posts up. We hope to do so again, although this time we’re not taking an iPad, just iPhones.

What’s that mean? Well, we may end up going all Tumblr-y and just include a few words with lots and lots of photos. We’ve tested it — it seems to work.

We have scheduled posts for while we’re gone, to keep the seva of the daily blogging going. There are some fresh posts sprinkled in there.

We do want to say one final thing: Thanks. Thanks for continuing to read and interact. It is the reason we continue with the blog.

Earlier this year, we got threatened with a lawsuit for using a photo from a story, to which we linked. We won’t bore you with the details, other than to say we ended up having to pay a pretty decent sum to stop it from going to court. We still believe we were well within “Fair use,” but what were we going to do.

There’s something called “copyright trolls,” much like “patent trolls.”

This led to a bit of soul-searching. But not long after we had some in-person positive feedback that helped us maintain our momentum. We don’t post any pics from other sources anymore, though. You may have noticed that.

So, again thanks. Thanks for supporting our blog with your eyes and your comments.

We’ll try to give you some things to look at from India.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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