Yatra Dispatch: Puri Mysore space and the ways to Moksha

We can attest: This room has gotten hot. If we only had a Bikram teacher along, we would be all set.


Practice this time has been very dedicated, with much tapas. It’s a sweat fest, in other words. People don’t seem to be holding back on the asana.

We have just all finished a satsang, during which Robert Moses pointed out that yoga is one of the ways to help us achieve Moksha. Devotion or Bhakti is another. We saw plenty of that during the Rath:



And there is also study, which we got tonight. Another is the devotion or act of creation: poetry, songs, painting about the divine or ideas that help calm and quiet the mind. Even, maybe, blogging about them.

One of the beautiful things of the Namarupa Yatra is it offers many different threads one can pick up and explore.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.