Tim Miller’s guest appearance on TV’s ‘Cheers’

During our Yatra, we are re-posting some of our top posts from the past 16 or so months. We’ll also try to get new posts up from India, Internet access-willing. In this case, here’s a slightly revamped post from a few summers ago. This story occurred during Bobbie’s Second Series Teacher Training at Tim Miller’s Ashtanga Yoga Center.


Tim lightened the mood with a story. Coming home from teaching one day, he found a message on his answering machine from the casting director of the iconic TV show, Cheers. They needed a “contortionist.” Would he be willing to come to Paramount Studios and audition? Yes, said Tim: “How often do you come home from work to a message from the casting director of Cheers?” He got the job.

They needed a stunt double for the now iconoclastic Woody Harrelson. It may be that you’re too young to remember this show, or it’s been too long since you’ve seen it, but for a long time it was the show everyone watched. I was watching it. Steve was watching it (eventually together). I told Steve this story, and he was on the case. So, now, for your enjoyment and edification, tittibasana C as performed on Cheers by our guru, Tim Miller:

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