Yatra Dispatch: Mysore spaces in Haridwar and Uttarkashi

So …. we’re actually home, and, we think, most everyone else is, too. A few people were staying on from a day to two full weeks — but the Yatra’s over. And, like last time, we are trying to process it all and get our brains and hearts around what we experienced and what it will continue to mean.

Here are the final two practice spaces. First, in Haridwar:

IMG_0335That’s the Ganges a few steps down, and a pretty calm and nice Siva watched over us. I think everyone at least put their feet in the Ganga after practice. (A sad truth: It isn’t very clean there.)

And then here is the space at the ashram we stayed at in Uttarkashi. It is under the auspices of a lineage related to Sivananda, but not the Sivanada Yoga Center with which you may be familiar (and which Robert Moses’ guru, Swami Vishnudevananda, set up):

IMG_0420We just did some pranayama when we were at about 12,000 feet on our way to Gomukh. We did make it all the way. Pictures to come.

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