An unimaginable Ashtanga yoga pairing

I can’t resist this.

I know the joke embedded here may only reverberate with people in and around Los Angeles — where parking and how you got to whatever place you’re at are two endlessly fascinating topics — but I’m passing it on, anyway. In my Google alert, it popped up as “Ashtanga Yoga Parking“. How could I not click on that and find out what it meant.

I’m not sure that copying parts here will have the right impact, but I’ll try:

Ashtanga Yoga Parking

When:  Sept. 10, 2014, midnight
Where:  University of Illinois Chicago

I know yesterday I mentioned how Ashtanga might be making you more patient (and thus you might be missing your chance to secure a spot in Mysore), but I’m not sure the Buddha himself would be able to keep his composer when trying to find a parking spot in Los Angeles.

And have I mentioned our parking signs? Check them out.

And just so there’s a little sustenance to this post to go along with the empty calories, did you know there is an Ashtanga Ayurveda Expo in Kerala? It’s happening now, and this news came out from it:

The government will take measures to set up a national ayurveda institute in the state with the assistance of the Central Government, Chief Minister Oommen Chandy said here on Wednesday. He was inaugurating ‘Ashtanga 2014’, an ayurveda expo organised at Government Ayurveda College here as part of its 125th anniversary celebrations.

The CM said that the demand for the formation of an AYUSH Department would be discussed in the Cabinet.

We’ll see if it gets anywhere.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

2 thoughts on “An unimaginable Ashtanga yoga pairing”

  1. Kerala is the epicenter of Ayurveda and yoga, a gentle kind is often accompanied as part of the regimen. When I visited a decade ago it was a fascinating experience for me to have the special massage followed by a great meal aligned for my constitution and a nice yoga sequence to balance it out.

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