Reports: BKS Iyengar in hospital in serious, but stable, condition

Sad news coming out of Pune: BKS Iyengar is in the hospital in serious, but stable, condition.

This via the Times of India:

PUNE: The condition of yoga guru BKS Iyengar, who has been hospitalized at a private hospital in the city, was serious but stable, doctors attending to him said here on Wednesday.

“He had been having difficulty in breathing and had swelling in his feet for the last three weeks, but preferred to be treated at home. Yesterday, his condition worsened and he was brought here,” hospital authorities said.

After conducting a series of tests, doctors found that Iyengar’s heart was weak and its ability to pump blood all over the body had been affected. “The complications in his condition are caused by his advanced age (Iyengar is 96 years old). His kidneys are also not functioning fully,” they added.

However, Iyengar is fully conscious, is able to converse with those around him and is eating normal food. He has a medical history of heart disease and has suffered two heart attacks — the first was 18 years ago and the second 16 years ago.

Apparently, Iyengar has been traveling recently, and his secretary says that “put a strain on him.”

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2 thoughts on “Reports: BKS Iyengar in hospital in serious, but stable, condition”

  1. I love Iyengar Yoga and I love Ashtanga Yoga – if Mr. Iyengar and Pattabhi Jois can be friends, why can’t their forms of Yoga? I love to apply Iyengar static alignment principles to the static holds of the Ashtanga sequence, it really bums me out when I hear people discount alignment; I think it’s usually because they don’t know it or don’t want to. Much metta and blessings to his family and all Iyengar practitioners around the world, he is a great man who has done so much to spread yoga to the Western world.

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