India plans to put ‘secular yoga’ into schools

Although it may not surprise you that there are debates about including yoga in schools here in the U.S., I’m assuming it’s been more of a shock that similar concerns have popped up in India

Well, now the Indian government seems to have found an answer: “secular yoga.” Here’s how the Times of India runs down the news from this week:

Chief minister Manohar Parrikar told the legislative assembly on Wednesday that secular yoga will be incorporated in the state school curriculum. While he did not elaborate what ‘secular yoga’ was, he asked members if they had any objection to his plan. “If they are not in favour of the idea, they should express themselves immediately,” he said.

And then NDTV’s take:

Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar today announced the introduction of “secular Yoga” in school curriculum.

“We will introduce secular Yoga in the educational curriculum,” Mr Parrikar told the Legislative Assembly.

CM Parrikar also clarified that he was using the word “secular” to avoid any objection to the move, by the opposition.

“If anyone has objection about the word ‘Yoga’ then raise it right now. I am repeating, we will have secular yoga in the curriculum,” he said.

The issue, you may (again) surprised to find is fundamentally the same as what opponents say here in the U.S.: having yoga in schools will turn India into a HIndu nation — meaning, really, a Hindu nationalist nation with, one assumes, a corresponding lack of tolerance.

Because yoga definitely makes you less tolerant.

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