You absolutely have to read this: Woman becomes possessed after doing yoga

This is quite simply the best thing I’ve read in forever.

And up front, a hat tip to Leslie Kaminoff. I saw the link on his Facebook page.

Here’s the link to part I — because this story about Priscilla de George (very notably not her real name) is so good it has to have a part II — and an excerpt:

It was 2009 when the 54 year-old health care worker and mother of two was coming to the end of a 20 year marriage. Under a lot of stress from the divorce, even the body of this avid runner was stiffening up from the constant anxiety she was facing. When someone suggested she try a yoga class, she was all for it.

“I had heard tidbits here and there about yoga and Hindu gods, but I thought because I was a devout Catholic who was practicing my faith, all I had to do was pray to Jesus and Mary during class and I’d be safe.”

Just in case, she checked with a local priest who said all those warnings about the devil and yoga were “baloney”. As long as she was in good standing with the Church, it was okay to practice yoga, he said.

That’s just the set up. Part II is where it really gets good. Oh, and by good, I do mean un-freakin’-believable:

Suddenly, a sound emerged from Priscilla’s mouth, like the hiss of a snake.

And then a voice began to speak, a voice that had all the tonal qualities of Priscilla’s voice and the same accent, but in words that Parker knew were not coming from her.

“You can’t have her, she’s mine!” the voice shouted. “I took her. You gave her two deformed children,” it said in reference to Priscilla’s children, both of whom have special needs.

“I got in through yoga,” the demon announced, then continued his diatribe. “You cannot take her from me. She’s mine. You’ll never get rid of me and even if you do, I’ll get back in.”

Yes, you read that correctly. The demon got in “through yoga.”

Scared yet? Me neither. A few reasons why not:

  • There’s a total lack of real details, and what details there are absolutely don’t add up. For instance, we’re told that the woman had a job she loved for 28 years, but then inexplicably (among many troubling actions she took after taking a yoga class) she returned to work for a previous employer. From nearly three decades earlier? That doesn’t add up to me.
  • There’s the anonymity of it all. Combined with some extremely generic descriptions, this reads a lot like a piece of fan (or I suppose anti-fan) fiction. We get multiple people’s “perspectives” out of nowhere.
  • It’s stupid.

Still, all that aside, it’s a fun little read, with a small bit of import: It goes to show just how scared some people are of something they don’t know or understand.

Really, though, it’s just so much fun. A real hoot. (I’m also now obsessed by wondering what the names are of the demons inside me.)

Other notable pieces at the site, for those unwilling to give it the traffic: A post about how Fifty Shades of Grey is bad for women’s health; a piece suggesting transgender people just have mental disorders; that the ALS Association is using your ice bucket challenge money to fund illicit research; and a post perpetuating the hysteria over the totally fictional “knockout game.”

I also should note it covered BKS Iyengar’s passing, but mainly as a way to emphasize that yoga is not “just exercise” but is a spiritual practice.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

3 thoughts on “You absolutely have to read this: Woman becomes possessed after doing yoga”

  1. Many people and cultures feel this way about families with children that have disabilities. Not that it was yoga that caused it but demons, possession, evil etc in the family. My son noticed peoples faces for the first time the other day as they looked at his sister, “look at the faces they are making dad, they’re just staring and they look mad.” Yup different to many people means satan, evil etc.

  2. Here is my thing….Even if….hear me out…even if this was even remotely true….it still is not a good argument for not practicing yoga. Like people get possessed all the time doing random things. Moving into old houses, watching static on T.V……The fact that she was doing yoga, was a coincidence. Like 1000’s of people, like in a double blind study, with a control group and a placebo group would have to get possessed while doing yoga for this to be scientific…I am just saying….

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