So here’s the best yoga practice in the world

According to the USA Today, it’s boxer Floyd Mayweather. Link to the story (with pics) is right here.

The reasons are pretty straight-forward:

  • He comes to class in a Bugatti.
  • Before class, he orders a member of his entourage to get him some grub from McD’s.
  • He surrounds his yoga mat with $100 bills.
  • He eats a couple Big Macs mid-class and then goes back and finishes.

You can also watch the fun, beginning about 15:50, via Showtime:

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

2 thoughts on “So here’s the best yoga practice in the world”

  1. How interesting, he is opening, he is part of the way there. Possibly afraid to be vulnerable and open, whilst seeking it. Its kind of sweet and tender. His posturing with the 100 dollar bills and the entourage and the MacDo. Using his iphone?? The teacher and class are pretty tolerant; I would find that behaviour quite distracting and triggering. He would prob do better one-to-one – in that environment he might find it easier to drop his persona.

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