Changes coming to last Jois Yoga studio in Encinitas

If you are planning to stop in at the Jois Yoga studio in Encinitas, pay attention:

You won’t find classes at its location in Encinitas, on Highway 101.

Until December, Jois is temporarily located at 613 West Lake St., a little farther inland. The reason? Construction for a new juice bar and “treatment rooms.”

In the most recent email announcing this (there have been a few, I just haven’t gotten around to noting it), the shala location is referred to as the “Jois-Sonima building.” Sonima, of course, is the name of the foundation that now is attached to Jois Yoga — for all the reasons you know already. There also is a logo for the Sonima Wellness Center.

My gut reaction also suggests that when this work is done, we might see the final Jois Yoga studio fade away and be replaced by the name Sonima — it’s sure a lot easier to brand and promote around one name, rather than two. Plus, it isn’t as though there are a string of Jois Yoga studios anymore.

On the other hand, there may be a desire to keep a foothold in the Jois Yoga name, to allow for new ones, if that’s the desire.

Either way, based on what the Sonima Foundation is doing — especially with kids — “wellness center” seems a better description: It goes beyond “just” yoga. And there teacher listing has broadened beyond Ashtanga.

I also wonder what the construction is involving (I haven’t been by there in months and months). It is a fairly big space, but I don’t know where treatment rooms would fit. The juice bar could take up some of the retail space up front, certainly. In other words, I’m not sure if this involves any expansion into neighboring storefronts.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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