A Krishna Das-Tim Miller retreat? Yes, please

I’m pulling something out of Tim Miller’s latest blog post — all about his time at Bhakti Fest this past weekend — that, I realize, probably shines too much light on it, but the idea is just too enticing not to mention: A Krishna Das & Tim Miller retreat.

Yeah, that sounds pretty dang awesome. Here’s how Tim mentions it:

After class I texted Krishna Das to see if he had time for a short visit before his sound check.  He said he could meet backstage at 5:30 and we had a few precious moments together, catching up on the latest with our families, our travels and, once again, talking about doing a retreat together someday.  Nina was in on this conversation, which means that something might actually happen.

You can put all the caveats on that you want. Perhaps you also can take my reaction to it as a nudge, I guess mainly to Nina — with whom I had a brief correspondence back when KD came through LA, so, Nina, don’t forget that! — for these two guys to get together and see what kind of magic they can make.

Maybe if enough of us are talking about it, it will encourage them to put something together. So… talk about it, people.

Here’s a little more of Tim’s reflections of Bhatki Fest:

My next class wasn’t until 5:30 pm so I had plenty of time in between for breakfast with my assistant Maria Zavala, a nap, a reiki treatment, and another nap before driving back to the festival to catch some afternoon kirtan.  I met my friend Uta at the main stage at 4 to see someone she highly recommended–Karnamrita Dasi, an American bhakti who has one of the most beautiful voices in the Vaishnava tradition.   When Karnamrita began to sing, the pure devotion pouring through her voice immediately touched a chord in my heart and brought tears to my eyes.  I could have listened to her for hours, but had to leave at five to go teach my class—An Introduction to Pranayama.  I figured that at this time of day it would be good for people to do something more sedentary and restorative.  Some of the students apparently hadn’t read the class description and, despite the brilliance of my presentation, several of them made early departures.  I was reminded of a recurring dream I have, where I am teaching at a big yoga conference and the students gradually walk out of the class until I am the only one left.

There’s plenty more that makes Bhakti Fest seem like a worthwhile use of a weekend. I recognize that suggests maybe we should have gone. There’s always next year.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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