Stiff yoga tip: Press your middle fingers together

Quick asana tip for you, or, perhaps I should reverse that: Quick asana tip, which I’m wondering if anyone’s tried or heard of — and what you think.

For no good reason during my practice this morning, in the Warriors during Suryanamaskara B, I happened to press my middle fingers — right about at the first (top?) knuckle — together in a little exaggerated way.

And lo and behold, my arms seemed to get a bit straighter.

So I tried it again. Same thing. And then, when I got to the Warriors in the standing poses, I really focused on replicating this.

And it worked yet again.

This tip may not be one many of you need, with your open shoulders. But if you know someone not so bendy, this may be something to pass on. But try it first, and let me know if I’m on to something.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

3 thoughts on “Stiff yoga tip: Press your middle fingers together”

  1. Hi Steve, I too have recently found that pressing into my index & middle fingers when I need more awareness in my shoulders works where nothing else really does it. In arm balances especially – but since you bring it up, I will pay more attention to it in other poses. Of course down dog & utkatasana and come to mind…

  2. I always incorporate finger tip mudra’s in practice, especially in balancing, really helps a bad balance-er like me! I think it completes the energy circuit; I also very much like steeple to help lift myself up. Time to stop talking about the mat and go get on the mat!

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