It’s the weekend: Choose your day off?

So, apparently there is a change happening in the way Ashtanga is practiced.

Or, if you look at it another way, there’s no real change at all.

There’s word on the social media that during the two-month teacher session in Mysore this summer — it seems like about 100 were there, from the vague reports I’ve seen — Sharath announced (that may be overstating it) he was changing his day off from Saturday to Sunday.

Still six days a week. Just a different day off, apparently one that fits his schedule and works for his family better.

Some people are reacting like this is big news.

It strikes me as a bit less dramatic than that.

Yes, Guruji had Saturday as the day off, I believe for astrological reasons (it’s an inauspicious day, after all) and because of the schedule at the Sanskrit College.

But it isn’t as though everyone / all the senior student-teachers have mandated Saturday as the day off. The only firm mandate I’ve ever heard was having a day off, plus the Moon Days.

In fact, we wrote this in a Tweet in March 2012 (I’m pretty sure after a Confluence):

We’ve decided we’ll keep this Saturday as a day off from our practice. Maybe next week we’ll mix it up, per Nancy Gilgoff.

So clearly Nancy is one who has advocated that you practice six days a week, but that the day you take off it up to you.

It sounds, though, like some Ashtanga shalas are switching their schedules to follow Sharath’s lead. My sense is that’s taking things a little too far, and reacting a little too much like the change is dogma. (And apparently he said either day off is fine.) That sort of response makes me, at least, nervous.

After all, there are other differences out there, as well: The day when Led classes are taught is one that jumps to mind.

But maybe there’s more details to suggest why this change ought to be made? Although it doesn’t sounds like it…

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

7 thoughts on “It’s the weekend: Choose your day off?”

  1. And let’s do not forget that Saraswathi rests on Sundays, since the time when she was teaching in the same shala as Sharath. For me, that clearly states that anyone can take the day off when it most suits the personal schedule 🙂

  2. And let’s do not forget that Saraswathi rests on Sundays, and since the time she was teaching in the same shala as Sharath. Hence, to me, that is a clear indicator that anyone can choose the day off that most accomodate its schedule 😉

  3. Well if anyone has authority to change the day it will be Sharath… bien sur! That said, I will retain Saturday. Because it is woven into my schedule and wired into my brain, now in the second decade of practice. And dear Guruji, it is some kind of a link to him.

  4. Dominic Corigliano used to say that one should do primary on the day before your day off, whatever that was (that was for others, as primary was my practice). So, I got the message early on that the important thing was to have a day off, not that Saturday was sacrosanct. Seems reasonable to me, and if that helps you have a consistent practice, which is a problem for me at the moment, then switch it up!

  5. I thought Saturdays were initially the day off in Mysore because this was the best day for Pattabhi Jois to spend with his family!

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