This may be the yoga documentary we’ve been waiting for

Back in March, we highlighted a yoga documentary being shot in India by a high-profile director. (Post link is here.) There wasn’t a lot of detail yet, and I ended with a cautious-sounding “we’ll see where it goes.”

Well, it’s gone pretty far. And here’s a trailer to prove it:

(BKS Iyengar appears at about 1:28. And is it the Mysore shala at about 1:50?) It’s actually trailer no. 2. And the film now is titled, “Yoga — An Ancient Vision of Life.” Here’s the quick description accompanying the trailer:

This epic documentary is made for CountryWide Projects by the famous culture historian Benoy K Behl. It is shot across India, as well as across Germany and USA. It includes interviews with the leading teachers of Yoga and practitioners, as well as doctors and scientists. The film conveys the true and deep meaning of yoga.

And they’ve just gone on Facebook.

I’m told the film will be released in India in December, with the international release to follow.

We’ll keep an eye out.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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